Top Strapping Tape Brands of 2024

A list of best bands of sports tape, rigid tape and kinesiology tape

Sports trainer applying athlete with strapping tape

Here at Alpha Sport we stock the leading brands of sports strapping tape. Since 2003 we’ve been working with premium sports medicine suppliers to ensure we have the best offer for our customers.

Below you’ll find a rundown of the best athletic tape brands. Click here if you want to learn about the different types of sports tape.


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Elastoplast logo


Elastoplast is owned by German company Beiersdorf founded in 1882. This well established brand is considered a premium quality brand with thousands of hours of research and development going into their products. Made mostly in France, we at Alpha Sport sell a wide range of the Elastoplast brand from strapping tapes and wound care, to braces.

Its red, blue and gold branding is commonly seen on Australian sporting fields and is used by many elite sports trainers.

POW.R logo

POW.R Elite

Alpha Sport sells a wide range of POW.R products for resistance training, massage and mobility, weights, balance and stability, and a whole lot more. POW.R has worked with some of the best physios, coaches and sporting organisations to provide you with a premium product.

The POW.R Elite is the tape for sports people from amateur to elite. This elite tape has its high quality fabric made in Germany and is put together with adhesive in Thailand and China. This is certainly a product that should be in your sporting toolkit for managing and preventing injury.

Leuko logo


Leuko is also owned by German company Beiersdorf, who is responsible for pioneering sports medicine in Australia. Used by many professionals, this product is of premium quality.

Made in France, this tape is extra strong and will go the distance. With its red, white and blue branding you will see Leuko on and off the field being used by elite athletes, sports trainers and physiotherapists.

Sideline logo


Sideline has been Alpha Sport’s very own premium sports medical brand since 1995. Sideline produces a wide range of sports strapping tapes, elastic adhesive bandages, underwraps, and professional accessories such as ball grip and adhesive sprays. We sell Sideline to sporting clubs plus other sports medicine wholesale businesses around Australia.

This premium tape is manufactured in Thailand and China and is continually being developed based on the latest sports injury rehabilitation and management research. This is a well tested product for on the field and in the clinical environment.

RockTape logo


RockTape is an Australian brand that started in August 2010 after being created by American Greg Van den Dries in 2009. RockTape produces a premium quality Kinesiology tape that is made in South Korea. We also sell their range of topical heat creams, and massage wax. Great for those after sport tensions and warm downs.

Coming in allsorts of funky designs and colours, RockTape is used by health professionals to provide a ‘second skin’ to help rehabilitate muscles and treat pain.

Dynamic Tape logo

Dynamic Tape

This Kinesiology tape was developed by Ryan Kendrick an Australian Musculoskeletal Physio and Yiva Kendrick a Swedish physio. The tape was developed from research with numerous professional athletes and within musculoskeletal physio clinics. Made in China, Dynamic Tape was launched commercially in 2010 and now sells to over 50 countries around the world including the US, UK, Germany and Switzerland. Dynamic Tape is the first of its kind to stretch in all directions making it a perfect solution for muscle and pain management.

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