What are all these tapes? Our strapping tape guide

Date Posted:23 January 2019 

Rigid Strapping tapes

  • Provide strong support for joints during high stress sport activity, minimising excessive joint activity that can cause injury
  • Suitable for taping ankles, knees, fingers, shoulders & elbows
  • Made out of a Rayon Fabric & is Non Stretch

Elastic Adhesive bandages (EAB)

  • Non hand tearable adhesive stretch tape
  • Provides strong elastic support to joints during high stress activity
  • Great for extra support or over wrapping of rigid tape

Hand Tearable EAB

  • Light weight hand tearable tape used for compression & support with a degree of flexibility
  • No scissors are required for these tapes
  • Quick ‘Blood Bin Treatment’

Kinesio Tape (K Tape)

  • Used to enhance muscle function
  • Helps to improve blood/lymph circulation & pain relief 
  • Made from Cotton & only stretches 2 ways (lengthways)

Dynamic tape

  • Stretches in 4 directions so therefore has more stretch than K Tapes
  • Made from Nylon, therefore quite shiny



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