Strapping Tape Accessories

These products make working with sports tape easier.

Canberra Raiders player being strapped

Below we discuss the best strapping tape accessories. These items are ideal for both practitioners and athletes. View our guide to strapping tape for a bigger overview about the different types of athletic tape.


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Bandage scissors

Using tape? This item is essential in your toolbox. Bandage scissors cut bandages or strapping tape that’s close to the skin. They offer a blunt foot-like edge which glides along the skin with no fear of cutting the person. 

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Prep spray, wipes & wound care 

To prepare your skin for sports tape, it's important to clean the area thoroughly, including treating any cuts of abrasions with antiseptic.

One of the best ways to prep skin before taping is by using a Skin prep spray. Prep spray is an adhesive film skin cleanser that helps remove grease and sweat from the skin. It also has the added benefit of helping  prevent contact dermatitis and makes adhesive removal less painful for patients.

Adhesive Spray

Adhesive spray can be used in conjunction with strapping tape to help improve the adhesion and hold of the tape. When using strapping tape, it is important to ensure that the tape is applied to a clean and dry surface, and the surface is free of dust, dirt, or sweat. Adhesive spray can be used to do this job and create a better surface for the tape to adhere to.

Additionally, adhesive spray can also be used to apply a thin, even layer of adhesive to the skin before applying the tape. This can help to increase the adhesion and hold of the tape, making it more secure and less likely to come loose or peel off over time.

Tape Remover

Tape remover assists in the painless removal of adhesive residue from the skin left from strapping tapes and wound dressings. It is easy to use, simply spray or dab a small amount over the tape residue on the skin. Leave for 20 seconds. Wash off with water thoroughly to clean the skin. No more tape!

Underwraps & Gel pads

Underwrap is used as a protective barrier between the skin and strapping tape. Its purpose is to prevent irritation, allergies or swelling for people who have sensitive skin or cuts and abrasions. Underwrap is typically made of a lightweight and breathable material that can conform to the contours of the body. 

Blisters can often come with the territory in sport when you are breaking in new shoes or just struggling with friction.  You can protect yourself from blisters with Hydrogel Blister packs that you can cut to fit and will easily conform to the body. 

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As a sports trainer you end up accumulating a lot of equipment and supplies to do your job. We’re here to help you out with a choice of bags. We offer a utility belt to store your quick fix emergency items. An over the shoulder sling bag to keep you moving along the sidelines or on the field. And to store bulk items we offer a wheeled bag large enough to transport heavy equipment and supplies and that can easily fit in the back of your car or move around an oval.

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Portable Tables

Improve the efficiency and comfort of your treatment with a lightweight portable massage table. Rated up to a 200kg load, these tables will allow you to bring your practice to the field or clubhouse.

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Starter Packs

Gearing up for the season but feeling overwhelmed? Look no further! We've got you covered with a fantastic selection of packs containing all your sports medicine must-haves to ensure you start your season on the winning track.  

With our carefully curated packs, you can hit the ground running and shift your focus to the next job. Stock up on your sports medicine essentials from leading brands, Sideline and POW.R, and get ready to kick off the season the right way.

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