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We talk to an expert about how BlazePod is enhancing community healthcare

Patient and Physiotherapist talking in clinic reception

BlazePod was originally intended to increase reaction time, agility, strength, decision making and focus on sporting teams and individuals. Due to the amazing versatility of the product physios, occupational therapists, physiologists and NDIS participants have been using BlazePod with astounding success for people with varying abilities.

Joe Upritchard, physiotherapist team leader for Total Rehab Solutions has been using BlazePod for a broad range of clinical presentations such as stroke, spinal cord injury, Parkinson’s disease, Motor Neuron disease, Cerebral Palsy, falls/deconditioning and post-operative rehabilitation. 

“BlazePod has been a great addition to my practice as a community physiotherapist. They are portable, versatile, engaging and help make therapy fun,” Joe said.

“The BlazePods can be easily set up in the home setting on a variety of surfaces. I typically place them on the floor, table, kitchen bench, cupboards or outdoors depending on the clinical presentation.”

Joe explains how the pods can be easily manipulated depending on the client’s goal. “For example, if a client needs to work on balance and mobility, I will place the pods on the ground. If we need to work on upper limb mobility and functional reach, I will place the pods on a table, bench or high cupboards.”

Joe has also worked with patients on their cognition by placing the pods close together and joining in with them to hit the particular coloured pod they have been allocated as they light up. “It’s a great way to bring a little competition and fun into the mix while working on focus and cognition.”

Patient getting treatment from a Physio

So what is BlazePod?

BlazePod is a flash reflex training system that uses small, colourful and portable pods that can be placed on the ground or mounted on walls, cones, punching bags, mirrors, basically anywhere you can imagine. The pods are incredibly durable and are attached with LED lights that can respond to a touch of up to 80kg.

By using bluetooth technology to attach the pods together with an app, it can be used for either Android, iPhone or tablets. The app can provide you with hundreds of pre-programmed exercises or you can make your own.

Joe has used BlazePods to improve strength, increase dynamic balance, challenge cognition/problem solving and retrain movement patterns. “They are a great value add in the Community Healthcare space and are also great for Neurological rehabilitation as they bring in a cognitive component to therapy

“BlazePod has benefits for a lot of the clinical presentations I see from day to day and they are great for clients of all backgrounds and ages.”

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