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Learn about how BlazePods and FRX training can help patients and practitioners

What’s not to like about BlazePod videos? They show off people’s incredible agility, athletic feats with flashing lights. It’s cool and engaging and you, too, can be part of the Blazepod revolution. 

Personal trainers and team sports coaches have been using BlazePods to great effect by successfully motivating, measuring improvements, increasing agility, and improving decision making with their clients and teams.

Outside of the sports and athletics sphere, we’ve found progressive physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and schools who have been adopting BlazePods at an increasing rate with outstanding results. Want to know how? Read on and find out.


Aussie physios have begun using BlazePods to both engage and motivate their patients in rehab. Much like the Activforce 2 Muscle Tester, BlazePods are part of a new generation of tools available to physios. Importantly, they can be used to track rehab via the advanced data tracking available through the BlazePod app. BlazePods allow physios to be creative by building custom exercises tailored for the specific needs of their patients. 

“I have one physio who works with elderly patients and a lot of them use gardening as a form of exercise. To get the patient to build up strength, they have them kneeling on a foam balance pad and then lay the pods out in front and as a pod randomly lights up, they have to touch it. This improves hand-eye coordination and reaction time while mimicking the action of weeding in a safe and secure setting.” Alpha Sport sales manager and resident Blazepod expert, Dan McGuckin.

Blazepods have endless possibilities to make therapy fun for patients with varying abilities and impairments like Alzheimers, Parkinson’s, people with brain injuries, to people with physical injuries.


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Australian teachers have begun using BlazePods to enhance their classroom activities. We’ve supplied BlazePods to public and private, primary and secondary schools throughout Australia. Perfect for physical education (PE) classes, BlazePods can be used both indoors and outdoors with nominal setup time. BlazePods can be used to boost cognitive feedback in exercises and increase motivation for both small and large (full class size) groups.

Create your own drill by using light logic. You can have green as a focus colour and red as a distraction colour. Place the pods several metres away from each other and everytime the pod flashes green your students have to run to the relevant pod and tap it with either their feet or hands. A great way to both cognitively and physically test your students. 

Why not create some competition between teams and see who is the fastest or can think the quickest. Drills can be tracked down to a millisecond and you can monitor improvements, giving students results in real-time. 

Blazepods have also been successfully used to help neurodivergent, autistic and Down syndrome children who struggle to focus. Come up with exercises where the left hand is blue, the right is yellow. Each tap of the pod is measured by how fast they are tapped while the student has to think between which hand to use. 

The possibilities are only limited by your creativeness. But if you need inspiration, hundreds of drills are preloaded onto the app. And more are continually being added.

Elite Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Los Angeles Lakers guard Kendrick Nunn missed the entire NBA 2021-22 season with a knee injury. In the later stages of his recovery, he partnered with Dr. Sharif Tabbah, the owner of Athletix Rehab and Recovery in Florida.

Tabbah, a doctor of physical therapy and certified strength and conditioning specialist, included BlazePod reaction training as part of his three week program. He used BlazePods to enhance stationary exercises and movement drills. Importantly, BlazePods were often combined with other tools, like a half balance ball or cones.

“It’s about being able to challenge Kendrick’s body, leg, and mind in a way that’s not so predictive and more like being on the court,” Tabbah explains. “The Blazepod lights do a good job of simulating that immediate reactiveness needed to be a great NBA player.”

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