BlazePod FAQ

Your frequently asked questions

Here you'll find a quick summary of common BlazePod questions. View our full range of BlazePod kits and accessories here.

Where can you buy BlazePods in Australia?

Right here. At Alpha Sport we stock, ship and provide customer service from our Queensland office and warehouse. View our full range of BlazePod items here.

What are BlazePods? And what do they do?

BlazePod is a Bluetooth-enabled portable flash reflex training system. The lights and sensors within the pod connect with the BlazePod smartphone app to unleash endless activities and measurements.

Are BlazePods any good?

They’re fantastic! We have supplied BlazePods to elite sports teams and healthcare practitioners alike. The feedback we have received has been hugely encouraging and beneficial for all age groups. 

How much do BlazePods cost?

A standard kit is currently $475 Australian dollars. This is relatively cheap, considering the history of digital flash reflex training technology. In the 2010’s non-portable reaction “walls” cost thousands of dollars and could only be found in elite high-tech sports performance centres.

How many BlazePods do you need?

Some BlazePod activities only need a single BlazePod. All BlazePod exercises use between one and twelve pods.

Are BlazePods good for kids?

Yes! Recently we have noticed an increase in demand from Australian schools. Coaches and PE teachers have been using BlazePods to increase motivation and engagement in their classes.

Physios and exercise physiologists who work with autistic, Down syndrome and neurodivergent kids are also finding BlazePods perfect for getting kids excited about their rehab with flashing lights and buttons to push. 

What is reaction training?

More than just reflex testing, reaction training is an exercise which trains your brain and body to respond to stimuli and produce the correct response in the shortest amount of time.

Are BlazePods waterproof?

The pods have an IP65 rating. This means they are designed to be splashproof and can be used outdoors. Their design can handle sweat, light rain, or dewy grass. However, do not submerge them in water, they are not meant for swimming.

How do you attach BlazePods to a wall?

You can use the Functional Adapter Kit to tie or stick your pods to almost anything, including punching bags, mirrors, walls, pylons or wherever your imagination can take you.

Who uses BlazePods?

BlazePods are used by athletes, individuals, sports trainers, physios, and healthcare providers around the world. BlazePods are for everyone and will help improve agility, reaction time, coordination, balance and a lot more. Below is a video of 2021 and 2022 Formula 1 world champion Max Verstappen using a simple BlazePod exercise to sharpen his reflexes before a race. FYI He’s since upgraded this exercise by stabilising his pods using the PodBase accessory.

What are the top 4 BlazePod products?

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