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Alpha Sport has been AquaJogger’s only Australian supplier since 2005. We have sold AquaJogger products to people from all corners of Australia to help all ages with their rehab and fitness.

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What is AquaJogger?

AquaJogger is a brand of water exercise equipment designed for aquatic fitness and rehab. The primary product associated with the AquaJogger brand is the AquaJogger buoyancy belt, which is a floatation device worn around the waist to help you stay afloat in the water while performing various exercises.

The AquaJogger story

The AquaJogger water exercise buoyancy belt was originally developed in Oregon, USA, as a water rehab tool for pre- and post-surgery patients and world class athletes recovering from injury.

It wasn’t long before athletes discovered the buoyancy belt was a great training tool in maintaining the high levels of fitness demanded in competitive sports. The AquaJogger became the key that opened the door to the world of impact-free deep water exercise and is now used by sporting people and individuals of all ages.

AQUAJOGGER PRODUCTS - Moving aerobics into the water

The AquaJogger buoyancy belt and deep water takes the jolt out of aerobics. It suspends you to your neck in deep water, so you can breathe normally as you move, like you do on land. Your feet don’t touch the bottom of the pool so there is no impact and the water provides resistance in all directions that you control by the speed of your movements.

Since your body is submerged, the hydrostatic pressure around your body improves cardiac function, lowers blood pressure, assists the body in tissue healing and sets in motion a host of other benefits.


Each belt is made from EVA foam that is durable, does not absorb water, and is chlorine resistant. The soft, flexible foam narrows at the waist for comfort and freedom of movement and has an adjustable elastic belt that fits up to a 122cm waist. Following are the various belts we have on offer:

AquaJogger Classic Belt - This is the original AquaJogger and is a great all-round belt for most average body types. The patented arch design engages your core muscles, while the belt is made from soft, flexible foam that narrows at the waist for comfort and freedom of movement.

AquaJogger Shape Belt - The shape belt has longer sides to distribute buoyancy more evenly. The lowered arch helps to maintain an easy vertical posture. This belt is ideal for pregnancy, lower back pain, and for the fuller figured.

AquaJogger Active Belt - The active belt is a unisex design and is contoured for a comfortable fit. It includes a 48’’ non elastic adjustable belt to suit your figure. 

AquaJogger Pro Belt - This belt is 30% more buoyant than the AquaJogger classic, so is great for the average sized man. The higher arch engages the core muscle group, making it great for fitness and for rehab


Water provides a supportive and comfortable environment where it’s possible to gain strength and flexibility while experiencing relief from pain. Try our accessories to add to your fitness or rehab regime to give you that extra challenge.

AquaJogger Aquarunners Rx (pair) - Aquarunners are deep water foot gear. One size fits all as they have an elastic closure, and adjustable heel straps to suit your feet. These runners are great to add extra resistance and buoyancy to provide a more intense lower body workout.

AquaJogger X-Cuffs (pair) - These X-Cuffs can be used on your ankles or your arms. They are suitable for deep and shallow water to provide an extra intensive workout.

AquaJogger replacement belts - All belts come with the 48’’ belt, but if they become damaged, we sell them separately. We also sell a larger 55’’ belt if a little more room is required.

AquaJogger Hitch - Got a small pool? The hitch is perfect for you. This sturdy 5 foot elastic tether has plastic hook fasteners that can hook to your poolside or a partner. It will increase resistance and intensity while conserving pool space. 

AquaJogger Delta Bells - These medium resistant delta bells are ideal for beginners to intermediate fitness levels. To maximise resistance, push the flat sides of the triangle through the water. To minimise the resistance, push the pointed ends of the triangle through the water. The faster you move the delta bells, the greater the resistance and intensity of your workout


Not sure what to buy! Why not try our bundles that will save you money and provide you with your complete system all in one.

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