Where To Buy Flexall In Adelaide?

Flexall Pain Relief Gel was hugely popular throughout Australia however nowhere more so than in Adelaide.

Adelaide Physiotherapists, sports teams and members of the public all relied on Flexall’s highly effective pain relief properties right up until parent company, Sanofi, discontinued production.

With Flexall no longer available for purchase, we’ve developed ActivFlex Pain Relieving Gel. Formulated using the same ingredient profile as Flexall, ActivFlex offers the same great benefits and is fast being embraced by Adelaide physios, athletes and the general public.

ActivFlex, the Flexall replacement, is available to purchase online for fast delivery to Adelaide.

Flexall Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Where to buy flexall gel?
You could buy Flexall online here at alphasport.com.au as recently as 2021. The good news is that we new have a great alternative in ActivFlex. Learn more about this great product here.

What is the best Flexall alternative?
Take a look at ActivFlex pain relieving gel.

Where can I find more information?
Looking for more information? View a full list of product details including directions and warnings here. Also, view our list 2022’s Best Pain Relief Creams & Gels

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