PTP Microband X

Ideal At Targeting Muscles

Brand: PTP
The PTP microband ultimate is an effective and versatile training loop that can be used to increase strength and stability in the upper and lower body. This loop is recommended for very strong individuals
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Too often, muscles with a small range of motion get neglected in training, which can result in serious injuries and greatly restrict mobility. Though simple in design, the small continuous loop allows you to maximise your training, by adding challenge to popular exercises, like the "Sumo Walk" (or "Shuffles"), "External Shoulder Rotation" or "Forward & Backward Leg Extension". Through a range of over 30 exercises, the MicroBand will help you improve your joint function, including joint mobility and stabilisation, so that you can keep moving with ease and avoid the dreaded injury. 

  • Perfect for use pre and post-exercise to improve sports specific movements and recover faster
  • Loop design to promote a small range of motion, joint function and prevent injuries
  • Specifically designed to target glutes, hips and shoulders and increase upper and lower body strength and stability
  • Includes over 30 exercises carefully designed for maximum results
  • Industry-leading latex quality for optimal durability
  • Easy on the joints thanks to the progressive resistance provided

POWER Whole-body conditioning, strength and movement. Perfect to build muscles and burn fat.

REHAB Overall mobility & injury prevention. Recommended for pre/rehab and joint function.

RESISTANCE 7.9kg | 17.6lbs
DIMENSIONS 32cm x 6.5cm

RESISTANCE 11.9kg | 26.4lbs
DIMENSIONS 32cm x 6.5cm

RESISTANCE 15.9kg | 35.2lbs
DIMENSIONS 32cm x 6.5cm

RESISTANCE 19.9kg | 44lbs
DIMENSIONS 32cm x 6.5cm

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