AlphaScope: Posture Master

Posture Master: Electronic Posture Corrector

Superior Posture in 30 days

The Posture Master is a revolutionary new device that will teach you better posture in 30 days relieving back and neck pain.

Back pain is the most prevalent source of chronic pain. Working at desks, slouching over phones, and leaning over keyboards, leads to poor posture and eventually back and neck pain as key muscles that hold you up against gravity gradually lose strength. Millions of people put themselves at risk of back pain because of poor posture.

Awareness of posture is the key to transforming bad habits and accurate real-time feedback enables us to change behavioural habits in an extremely short period of time. The portable and affordable Posture Master device attaches to your clothing or directly onto your skin with an adhesive patch. The micro-accelerometer accurately monitors the tilt angle of your back. If you slouch into bad posture, after 60 seconds the Posture Master quietly vibrates giving you a gentle reminder to correct your posture. The Posture Master is like your personal posture coach that goes where you go. By positioning your body in good posture, you strengthen your supporting muscles, building good muscle memory to re-educate your back and brain to your ideal posture. 

Spend 30 days using the Posture Master and you will notice your back muscles have become stronger, your posture more upright and your back and neck pain reduced.


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