AlphaScope: TRX Suspension Training

Leading practitioners are finding success with TRX fitness tools and education. TRX delivers safe, scalable and effective functional training solutions that are both portable and affordable.

Why They Use TRX for Rehab

Safe and Effective Musculoskeletal Rehabilitation
Whether used for rehabilitation or prevention of musculoskeletal injuries, TRX Training is scalable to any level of fitness. The versatility of TRX Training gives you the ability to develop mobility, joint stability and strength in multiple planes of motion, all with the same piece of equipment.

Portable and Space Efficient
TRX Training tools are lightweight, portable and easy to set up.  Maximize the space in your clinic and support your patients during their rehabilitation by enabling them to perform efficient exercise programs at home or on the road with TRX.
Differentiate Your Practice and Drive New Revenue
By incorporating TRX Training into your practice, you will be following the lead of numerous innovative sports medicine practitioners who are using it as part of individualized or group therapy, post-rehabilitation, prevention, and fitness programs.

“Restoring function is the cornerstone of orthopaedic/sports medicine rehabilitation. This is accomplished through normalizing the biomechanics of the affected region followed by appropriate muscle re-education and strength training to allow safe return to activity. The TRX provides a means to functionally train synergistic muscle groups to the affected region, it allows exercises to be performed in physiological movement patterns, and it improves kinesthetic and proprioceptive responsiveness. These principals are instrumental to achieving optimum results in the rehabilitation process. By allowing the patient to maintain complete control over the resistance used with each exercise, the TRX provides a safe yet challenging way to achieve optimum recovery and it has quickly become my favourite piece of equipment.”
John Barman, MPT
Diablo Physical Therapy & Sports Medicine


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