West End Strapping Seminar | 29 February

Get strapped in 2024 with Alpha Sport & Inspire Health!

Inspire - 365 Montague Road, West End
Thursday 29 February, 6.30pm to 8.30pm

Inspire are teaming up with Alpha Sport and would like to welcome you to our first of five community sport focused education seminars for 2024!

With a team who works with athletes from community sports, to state-level sport, to national sports and as high as the Olympics we are excited to bring these skills, knowledge and lessons to you.

Our first educational event is focused on LOWER BODY STRAPPING. Led by our senior physiotherapy team the two hour event is designed to cover the following areas;

  • Why and when strapping may be needed
  • How to effectively strap based on varying scenarios and circumstances
  • How to effectively strap ankles for sport
  • How to effectively strap knees for sport
  • How to effectively strap hip/lower back considerations

Participants from this free workshop will have the chance to practice strapping with live feedback from the Inspire team with tape provided from the one and only Alpha Sport.

As a follow-up to this, all participants will receive video instructions as well as opportunities after the event to come in and practice further if that is how you best learn.

This is targeted to all players, coaches, and medical support staff who are involved in the upcoming sport season and will develop a practical skillset ready to apply straight away.

To secure your spot in this limited event register your ticket today!

An Inspire team member will be in touch. We look forward to seeing you.

Book today, or for more information click here.

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