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Next-Level Injury and Post-Op Recovery

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Iceless Cold

Down to 38°F/3°C
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Active Compression

4 levels, 5-75 mm Hg

Game Ready is the technology leader in cold and intermittent compression therapy systems.

At Alpha Sport we have stocked and sold Game Ready products since 2012 and supplied them to elite sporting teams, sport medicine experts, and passionate individuals.

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Our Game Ready Starter Pack includes the most popular Game Ready products. This bundle includes a PRO 2.1 system, straight knee wrap, ankle wrap and free carry bag.


Game Ready GRPRO 2.1 Unit
The most advanced portable cold and compression recovery system. This popular unit is often purchased by teams and individuals. Learn more about the GRPRO 2.1 here


Our website displays standard retail pricing as a default. We offer discounted wholesale pricing for sports club and medical professionals. Login to ensure you’re viewing discounted pricing for your club. Don’t have a club login? Register for special sports club and medical professional pricing here.


Game Ready’s dual-action, easy-to-use wraps enable integrated, no-mess therapy. Anatomic design and circumferential coverage assure better fit, greater comfort, and more effective treatment. All wraps are compatible with the GRPro 2.1 system and the majority of the line is compatible with the Med4 Elite system.  View our full range of wraps here.

  • Dual-Chamber, Two-Part Design
  • Circumferential Coverage
  • Active Compression
  • Anatomic Engineering
  • Easy Application


Make your GRPRO 2.1 unit more versatile with this suite of accessories. Bags, extra batteries and the dual connector hose are among the most popular with our travelling professional sports team customers. View our full range of Game Ready accessories here.

Replacement Sleeves

High volume users may choose to purchase additional internal sleeves to extend the life of the whole attachment. Game Ready ‘wraps’ are a combination of both the internal sleeve external nylon casing and components. Below are our replacement sleeves for each wrap attachment. View all our replacement sleeves here.

Game Ready Video

Below is a clinical animation of the GRPRO 2.1 and the straight knee wrap. It discusses cryotherapy and intermittent compression.

History Of Game Ready
Game Ready is the recovery technology of choice for thousands of patients, elite athletes, athletic trainers, professional teams in every sport, special military forces, and the world’s foremost orthopaedic surgeons, sports medicine doctors, and physical therapists. Inspired by human endeavour and driven by technological leadership, we are dedicated to developing the most innovative and effective products for helping people get back to what matters after injury or surgery. We are here to re-engineer recovery.

CoolSystems, Inc. (makers of Game Ready) is based in Concord, California, and is registered as a medical device manufacturer with the State of California and the US Food and Drug Administration. CoolSystems is nationally accredited as a healthcare provider through the Community Health Accreditation Program (CHAP). CHAP is the leading independent, non-profit accrediting body committed to improving the quality of community-based healthcare services in the USA.

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