Looking to Buy Flexall Pain Relief Gel?

Sad news. It's no longer available.

Flexall and ActivFlex

We’re sorry we deceived you. But it’s the only way we could point you in the right direction.

Introducing ActivFlex! A game-changing Australian made gel for Aussies who need temporary relief from muscle pain and minor joint inflammation.

ActivFlex is a premium gel that can relieve pain and boost your recovery. It can be used to treat minor pain associated with mild arthritis, muscle sprains and strains, and mild joint inflammation.

Using ActivFlex Pain Relieving Gel


First of all, this style of advertising is not like us! We have had to take extraordinary steps to get your attention. We know that you will love Activflex and are backing that you will forgive our methods once you try it.

Alpha Sport is proudly Australian-owned and operated and have been supplying sports medicine and first aid products to sports club and health professionals since 2003.

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