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Back pain, pelvic pain, abdominal separation, and varicosities are all common complaints suffered by women when pregnant and postpartum. Introducing Everform which is designed to prioritise your pelvic health to keep you moving safely.

The founder of Everform, Rosie Dumbrell says Everform is designed by physiotherapists and is clinically tested to enhance pelvic muscle function.

"We are changed forever after creating, growing and birthing babies; but we can re-form into a stronger, wiser, more connected version of ourselves. Think of our garments as your secret weapon for bouncing forward into the next journey stronger than ever," Rosie Dumbrell, Everform

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These products offer medical grade compression with a Bump Sling™ anatomically aligned panels, a Femme Core™, and a sacroiliac support belt to relieve pelvic girdle and lower back pain. They come in both short and legging styles.

The engineered compression panels, or the Bump Sling™, supports posture, reduces abdominal separation, and alleviates ligament strain.

The Femme Core™ compression sling lifts and engages the pelvic floor, minimising the risk of pelvic floor disorders.

The sacroiliac support band stabilises joints, relieving pain associated with pregnancy hormones.

Everform Postpartum Products 

These products are a comprehensive post birth recovery range that supports efficient healing, and higher quality recuperation after childbirth. Daily wear corrects anatomical position to relieve pain and aid movement and recovery. Everform Therapywear works in three ways during postpartum recovery: 

  1. FemmeCore™ is a patent-pending compression panel that lifts your pelvic floor to aid post birth recovery. It improves pelvic floor tone, reducing the risk of long-term pelvic floor disorders like prolapse and incontinence. 

  1. The sacroiliac support band intelligently supports the healing tummy through C section and diastasis recti recovery. It realigns the bladder, while the compression provided across the lower abdomen band assists restoring pelvic floor, bladder and urethral alignment. 

  1. Targeted compression ratios stabilise alignment and support recovery, giving you the freedom to move confidently with less discomfort and enhance the speed and quality of recuperation. The abdominal to pelvic floor core support ratios assist bladder support for incontinence recovery. 

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During pregnancy, hormonal changes prompt the loosening of ligaments around the sacroiliac (SI) joint, allowing for the birthing canal's expansion. As childbirth approaches, this laxity intensifies, causing further relaxation of the SI joint and leading to excessive movement, resulting in lower back pain and a sensation of leg instability.

We have two brands of sacroiliac belts to improve the wellbeing of pregnant and postpartum woman.

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