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Polar Care Wave Unit

Alpha Sport is proud to introduce the Breg Polar Care Wave, an innovative and economical alternative to existing cold compression systems in the market like Game Ready. This all-in-one solution is motorised, compact, and portable and offers effective pain relief and recovery for various conditions and various parts of the body, making it ideal for:

  • Hospitals and health care clinics: Manage post-surgical pain and swelling, aiding recovery.
  • Sporting groups: Treat acute injuries, sports injuries, and overuse conditions.

Individuals seeking pain relief: Address chronic conditions and manage everyday aches and pains.

  • Combining the benefits of cold therapy and compression, the Breg Polar Care Wave effectively:
  • Reduces pain and inflammation: The cold constricts blood vessels, minimising swelling and discomfort.
  • Promotes faster healing: By reducing inflammation, the body can focus on repairing damaged tissues.
  • Improves recovery: The combined effects of cold and compression accelerate the healing process and get you back on track faster.

Key features and advantages of the Breg Polar Care Wave:

  • Motorised cold therapy and compression: Provides consistent and controlled therapy for optimal results.
  • Simple and compact design: Easy to use and transport, making it suitable for home and clinical settings.
  • Adjustable cold and compression: Customise the level of cold and pressure to suit individual needs and comfort.
  • Durable and reusable: Built to last and cost effective compared to disposable cold therapy options.


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So, there you have it – the Breg Polar Care Wave is versatile, convenient, and budget friendly. Whether you're dealing with a sprain, strain, post-surgery, or just some general aches and pains, this solution has got you covered. Say goodbye to pain and hello to faster recovery!

Read from one of our happy customers who has used the Breg Polar Care Wave solution:

"I found the Breg Polar Care Wave incredibly easy to use. Even without having any experience with cold therapy, I was easily able to prepare the unit, fit the correct attachment, and begin treatment within a few minutes. I was also surprised by the unit's ability to deliver a combination of both cold therapy and compression, simultaneously."

Steven Gibbs, Alpha Sport.

Who is Breg?

As experts in recovery technology, Alpha Sport works only with the best brands. Breg is a leading manufacturer of orthopaedic and physical therapy products, including the Polar Care Wave cold compression system. They are an American business that was founded in 1989, and their products are used by healthcare professionals, athletes, and individuals seeking pain relief all over the world.

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