BlazePod For Tennis

Bring innovation to the court

BlazePod’s Flash Reflex (FRX) Training improves racquet techniques, reactivity, and fitness needs

How it works?

  • Choose your activity
  • Place your pods
  • And… tap go!


Use BlazePod To Train

Fast Thinking- Improve decision-making skills to perform better under pressure

Enhance Skills - Perfect your tennis stroke and prepare for any situation

Boost Fitness - Improve movement, agility, speed, and power with BlazePod’s strength and conditioning activities


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Tennis And Racquet Sport FAQs

Are there drills for multiple players?
Yes, BlazePod has many drills and competitions for multiple players, and there is also the option of multiple stations for a single drill.

Does the app have a good choice of Racquet sport drills?
Yes, the app has many predefined Racquet sports drills, you can also create and save your own drills, using one of the 5 light logics.

About BlazePod

BlazePod is a smart reaction training platform. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, healthy or recovering, young or old, BlazePod unequivocally improves your reaction time & agility in sports performance, fitness, and therapy in the most engaging and exciting way.

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