BlazePod For Football

Elevate your team to success and train your players to make faster, smarter decisions on the pitch.

Bring innovation to the pitch

Ignite your training with exciting, cognitive-physical drills & activities using vibrant light-up cues controlled by the BlazePod app.

How it works?

  • Choose your activity
  • Place your pods
  • And… tap go!


BlazePod At Your Club

BlazePod Flash Reaction Training offers numerous benefits to different parts of your football club.

Trainers can showcase progress on the pitch by easily recreating real game scenarios that challenge players with technical demands, physical efforts, and cognitive processes. This includes game simulation, player awareness, and team assessment.

Players can reach new heights by reacting and responding quicker, enabling them to make the right pass at the right time and gain a competitive edge over opponents. The training enhances decision-making skills, focus and attention, as well as strength and conditioning.

Physiotherapists can incorporate engaging visual cues into injury prevention training and rehabilitation, effectively motivating athlete recovery. This includes engaging recovery techniques, cognitive training, and improved mobility.


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Used By The Best

BlazePod is a very adaptive piece of equipment allowing personalised reactive sessions… It can be used with goalkeepers, outfield players and all injured players regardless of pathology and stage of rehab. The range of use is unlimited and adds a fun element that our players are loving.” 

Paul Watson - Head of Sheffield United FC Medical Department

About BlazePod

BlazePod is a smart reaction training platform. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, healthy or recovering, young or old, BlazePod unequivocally improves your reaction time & agility in sports performance, fitness, and therapy in the most engaging and exciting way.

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