BlazePod For Basketball

Elevate your team to success and train your players to make faster, smarter decisions on the court.

Bring innovation to the court

Boost your basketball skills and movement on the court with BlazePod Flash Reflex™ training.

How it works?

  • Choose your activity
  • Place your pods
  • And… tap go!


BlazePod At Your Club

Expose your club to BlazePod's new training technology to level up your club's physical skills and performance.

Coaches & Trainers - Discover the technology that boosts your team defence, attack and make decision making faster and smarter.

Athletes -  Enhance your ability to swiftly react and respond on the court, and make accurate decisions on offense and defense, to become one step over your opponents.

Physiotherapists - Incorporate engaging visual cues into injury prevention training and rehabilitation, effectively motivating athlete recovery. This includes engaging recovery techniques, cognitive training, and improved mobility.


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Kits Designed For Teams

Used By The Elite

Kostas Chatzichristos - Head of Performance at Fenerbahce Beko Istanbul & Team Greece
"Reaction training was always an integral part of our movement training. I love the variation, training options and ease of use that BlazePod provides during our session. One of our most-used training tool."

Deni Avdija - Small Forward, Washington Wizards
"With BlazePod you can work hard on your cognitive awareness, your performance, and your skills, and be prepared, to hit the ground running for all competitive sports."

Dr. Bill Burgos - Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Minnesota Timberwolves
"BlazePod works on improving players' neurological-cognitive approach in reaction training and performance. The data helps us see how much they’ve improved."

BlazePod Basketball FAQs

Does the BlazePod app come with predefined basketball drills?
Yes, the BlazePod app has lots of predefined basketball drills –– but you can also create and save your own drills in the create section of the app.

Can I attach Pods to a backboard?
Yes, you can attach Pods to basketball backboards using the suction cup from the functional adapter kit.

Is BlazePod suitable for young children?
Yes, BlazePod is designed for all ages and skill levels. Training the physical and cognitive abilities of athletes at all ages is crucial.

Which plans does BlazePod offer for the membership?
We offer two plans within our platform. With the purchase of every BlazePod Kit; BlazePod Basic plan and the BlazePod Pro Membership, which can be joined on a 6-month or annual subscription.

What is BlazePod Go? 
BlazePod Go is a completely free option for casual users! We offer 30+ predefined activities, as well as the ability to create your own activities based on our most popular light logic, random. 

What is the BlazePod Pro Membership?
The BlazePod Pro membership is our premium app that boosts your reaction training experience with a set of professional tools, designed for performance coaches, fitness trainers, and therapists. With BlazePod Pro you can bring your expertise to light with custom activities, motivate your clients with personalized exercises, measure their progress with Athlete Performance Tests, and use in-depth analytics to know exactly what to focus on.

About BlazePod

BlazePod is a smart reaction training platform. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner, healthy or recovering, young or old, BlazePod unequivocally improves your reaction time & agility in sports performance, fitness, and therapy in the most engaging and exciting way.

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