AFX Educational Series

6 Part Educational Series: Foot & Ankle Strengthening for Injury Prevention & Rehab

We are proud to be able to offer you a FREE series of 6 Technical Papers that discuss the latest research on how proper strengthening & stretching can significantly augment existing treatments and improve outcomes from the most common foot & ankle injuries/ailments. The Technical Papers will cover many issues that you deal with every day in your clinic and training room such as: ankle sprains/CAI, plantar fasciitis, MTSS (shin splints), Achilles tendinosis, stress fractures/acute fractures, and athletic performance.

One technical paper will be sent out each week, they are brief (~6-8 pages) and most importantly: they focus on the science of strengthening - not marketing.

To participate in this free series fill in the form below and signup to receive the first technical paper

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